Get Low – Film Review


Get Low
Directed by Aaron Schneider
Review by Thomas W. Campbell

I met members of the Get Low production following the NBR screening of the film on July 19, 2010. Director Aaron Schneider, Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, producer Dean Zanuck, and Sissy Spacek gathered to talk about the film. It was a fairly serious discussion with Duvall especially being in somewhat ornery demeanor, still in beard and seemingly in the character of “Bush” Breazeale. Much of our talk centered around finding the right locations, the value of the vintage wardrobe, and capturing Duvall’s big speech at the end in a long duration shot.

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Get Low, the first feature film by cinematographer/director Aaron Schneider is a self-proclaimed “true tall tale.” It’s the quirky story of Felix “Bush” Breazeale, a recluse played with sly humor and a straight face by Robert Duvall, who comes out of the hills and into a small Tennessee town with a simple request. He wants to arrange a funeral party–and invite everyone who ever heard of him (and anyone else who’s interested) to come and tell a story. The kicker is he wants to do it now–while he is alive to enjoy it. Nobody has heard of such a thing and he is turned down flat by the local minister. Bush has a bad reputation–some say he’s a killer, he chases kids off his property with a shotgun, and he’s an ornery old loner. But the conversation in the church between Bush and the minister is overheard by Buddy (Lucas Black), a young funeral assistant with a wife and new baby who could use a financial break. His boss (Bill Murray plays Quinn with the deadpan humor he’s known for) is looking for business in a town where nobody seems to die. He does everything he can to get Bush’s “Hermit Money” but nothing with the old man is as simple as it seems.
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