Catching up – Q and A’s with Almodovar, Turturro and Healy

Time to catch up a bit.

We are finishing a new film that we shot last summer and is finally in the last stages of post production. It is called Better Love and stars and was created and produced by many of my favorite people. The film is a short (35 minutes) comedy and there will be plenty about it in the near future.
Here is a link to the web page, which will be updated over the next month.

Two Recent Q and A’s:
In late April I had the pleasure to talk with two talented actors – Pat Healy for his starring role in the creepy funny Cheap Thrills and Writer/Director/Actor John Turturro, about his latest film Fading Gigolo. Here is a link to the National Board of Review web site and an excerpt from the discussion with Pat Healy. And Here is a link to an excerpt from the discussion with Turturro.

I also finally got to watch the Q and A for Almodovar’s I’m So Excited, which I did with him and three members of the cast after the screening at Sony Studios last year. It is included as an extra on the DVD release of the film. I’ll post a link if it ever appears on youtube 🙂

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